Friday, May 24, 2013

an update of sorts.

lots of new little things in the shop. 
so let's have a business meeting. :)

the given today print has been added in black & white.
seems to be the popular colors these days.
and i have added several color options to the original print due to popular demand. 

new print! >> you feel like magic
i made this for my master bedroom so i made the colors to match it.
if you need other colors, you are welcome to send me a message on etsy & i'd be happy to work with you.

new print! in three color options >> your happiness
a great reminder and quote by c.s. lewis.

new print! in 4 color options >>> making a photograph
i made a print for camp momtog & i added it to my shop!

and last but not least, 
this print was a custom print as a gift for someone's husband.
so i made it available for a short time at a discounted price!
perfect for dads.

thanks for listening.
hope you took down the minutes.
have a good weekend!!
business meeting officially adjourned.