Thursday, May 30, 2013

eleven favorite moments.

learning tee ball.

sipping from a straw.
envying those lashes.

trying to instagram and no one is listening to me.

feeding ducks and being overwhelmed.
i might have screamed.

celebrating my mama turn another year.

cuddling with daddy.
loving the Giants.

learning the tools of the trade from big brother.

being polka dot twinsies.

getting our shirt on.
and our cape on.
and our shoes on (backwards).
all by 7:30am.
i mean, being a superhero is a serious job, guys.

walks at sunset.

and welcoming summertime.

life has been good.


  1. LOVE her blue eyes! And that last picture? Love that too! :D

  2. Loving those last 2 pictures!!

  3. all of this is amazing...the superhero is my fav though. elijah and miles would be best buds in their capes.

  4. love your pics! your a better mom than me i wouldn't have even gone near those ducks. lol

    love the photo of you and your girl and the superhero one made me laugh .

  5. LOVE the sunset walk picture!! When my son was younger he loved dressing up like a superhero...such fun memories. Yay for summertime!!

  6. and eye twinsies!! clear where she gets those baby blues! beautiful!

  7. every single one of these is my favorite.


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