Thursday, May 16, 2013

five happy things.

 peonies in gold mason jars.

hanging crates on the wall.
banner is from here.

sunshine in camden's room
print is from here.

washi tape collections.

mother's day gifts.
copied from my friend.
now i just gotta hang something from that string. ;)

tell me something that makes you happy today.


  1. this post kinda makes me happy :)
    oh, and coffee.
    lots and lots of coffee...

  2. I thought we were keeping this washi thing under wraps?
    Your house is cute. Like you. The end.

  3. l.o.v.e those lights! easier and less work than lighting candles ;)

    happiness is a cool evening outside. kids asleep. and a glass of wine. which never happens, but happiness all the same!

  4. um, i kinda want everything in this post. especially the crates. and gold masons? stunning. must. do.

  5. such pretty the lights!

  6. I love this much happiness. I have a few crates but have not thought to hang them....great idea!! You have such a cute home. I always look forward to new posts.
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Your headboard is the best thing I have ever seen. Please tell Scott to come build us one. Please.

  8. oh my goodness! i love every single thing in this post. and that amount of washi tape??? out. of. control. haha but i'm so jealous. :) i'd love to have a bunch of packages to send out every day that i had to decorate with pretty tape.

  9. what the what. you did the oh hello friend lights above your bed!!! AMAZING!! i took so many pics to try & do it too. just haven't gotten to it yet ;) any tricks i should know?
    and holy washi tape batman! hahaaa! xo

  10. aggggg those lights!!?? GREAT!!!!! and i am a tad bit jealous of your tape collection.

  11. Gold mason jars and peonies.
    My new fav combo.

    Hello washi tape!!
    I currently own zero rolls.
    Now I want to own a hundred:)

    Jessie @possiblemary


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