Friday, May 3, 2013

hey, instagram.

when 2013 started, i said i was going to post one picture a day to instagram.
one moment each day that i wanted to remember.
some days there are two moments. a few times, three.
but it has been good for me. 
because i have said before that this season of life is a difficult one to navigate for me.
and some days are harder than others to find a moment worth posting.
but it gets me looking for even something small that is worth remembering.

like a few days ago when we went and got a sonic diet vanilla coke & looked for firetrucks for 30 minutes.
what else are you gonna do when your AC broke during the first heat wave of the year?

or this sweet moment when they decided to "read" cat in the hat together after naptime.

or when she walked up & down the hall holding her pink birthday balloon.

or when they sat watching curious george holding hands.

or when my mom got on the bouncy ball & bopped around my entire backyard just to make her grandson giggle.
this might be my personal favorite.

or when we gave camden her new ride & they rode their little cars around the cul de sac.

or when we went to baskin robbins and my little guy picked the world's brightest ice cream and smiled with every single bite.

or when we went to visit my friend julie and she made camden the sweetest little sign for her room.

or sending sweet prints  off to some lucky ladies at whatever craft weekend.

or finding huge, awesome, aqua clothespins in the target dollar spot.
and buying 3 of them.
adding a little cheer to 3 different rooms in my home.

all of these little moments make me smile as i talk about them.
they were moments that brought smiles to my face.
and moments that need to be remembered.
sunshine to our souls.

i also made a new print.
my bestie posted a pic of this verse one day.
i think my bestie has a lot of courage in her life. in her walk with the Lord.
and this verse was and is such a good reminder that God's way is so perfect.
and even though each day has a trouble or a hardship - and some days more than others, i need to be reminded to delight in His Word.

i know there are things about instagram that are weird.
and i know, just like anything else, we need to guard our minds on there.
things aren't always the way they seem.
but i have enjoyed finding one or two moments a day that remind me how sweet life really is.

and one last thing.
use the code KATYGIRL20 for 20% off until Sunday.
and every order gets a free print - perfect for an extra little gift. 

have a great weekend.
and find some sunshine in your days.


  1. i'm not sure which of these is my favorite. maybe all of them.

    but, it could be a close tie between the reading pic and the cars pic. <3

  2. very simple and sweet moments and that is really what makes this life lovely.

  3. i love getting a peek of people's days on instagram :) corny, but true.
    that one of your mom bouncing is the best yet. so something my own mom would do. HAH!

  4. Fun pictures... Love following you on instagram.

  5. Such fun and precious photos!

  6. um, i love you. one month. Colorado. woo.

  7. love you. love your blog. one month. Colorado. together. finally.

  8. I am catching up on your blog, and I love it. and I love you.
    You are sunshine Katy.......


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