Monday, May 13, 2013


lately we've been ::

celebrating star wars day.
aka May the 4th Be With You.
aka this is what my husband was created for.
aka i was told while taking this pic that storm troopers don't use light sabers.
whateverrrrrrrrrr, be lucky you have a wife that cares, alright?

mini-vacationing for 3 days.
at disneyland.
last time for a few months so we soaked up every minute.

getting brave on the toon town roller coaster and keeping our hands up the whole time.

meeting mickey and being a littttttttle on guard.

wishing upon stars.
hoping little almost-three-year-old dreams come true.

getting really awesome fortunes.
with really horrible font choices.
but still.

reading really great verses.

getting dolled up for a normal saturday.

drinking tea & eating crumpets with daddy.
[i really did walk in on them like this. i had to sneak the pic that's why it's all grainy! i had to be sly, people.]

celebrating my 3rd mother's day.
saying "CHEESE" at the top of my lungs.
that's why i look so....mousy.
being so, SO thankful that these kids are mine.
that God chose me to be their mama.
with all my flaws and mistakes and uncertainty.
these two challenge me and change me and make me better every day.
and every single hard day right now is worth it.

asking my boy to smile for the camera only to feel his little arms wrap around my neck.
and his nose touch mine. [we call that "nose to nose"...get it? don't think too hard. it really is just your nose-to-nose.]
i get kinda teary when i see this pic.

hearing scottyboy say, "kisses, cammie?"
and seeing her little face turn up to kiss her daddy.

taking walks around our neighborhood at dusk with our new wagon.
words cannot express how much i love this picture.
it is canvas worthy.

i have a lot to catch up on.
but tonight i'm gonna go watch the castle finale with scotty & have a glass of peach sparkling wine.
sounds delightful, right? yes.

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  1. Such sweet pictures!!
    Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  2. Love these pictures!!! Love those polka dotted pants, where are they from?

    1. hi angela! they are from gap. i got them on sale for $15 a few weeks ago!

  3. hi. :)
    i like seeing all these pics of you and the kids.
    i also love the ones of scott and the kids.

    scott + miles + ears = perfection.


  4. I love seeing you be so genuinely happy. Like, there is no hiding it. ps. you are looking SO good.

  5. love all your photos and i love that you dislike the font on your fortune cookie.

  6. life lately looks pretty sweet. love how intentional you are about capturing and remembering the sweet times.

  7. i love all of your pics.
    especially that pink polka dot happy pants one!
    and the last one.
    so good. so dang good.

  8. the tea party. her face, priceless! also, where did you get cammie's "timid mickey mouse" shoes? they look like they stay on well? Eliza needs some like that.


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