Thursday, May 9, 2013

him & her.

every day :: it is a challenge to get him to obey & not push or hit his sister.
every day :: she takes his toy without knowing & screams when i try to give it back to him.
every day :: he struggles to share & she struggles to understand.
every day ::  i sip a diet coke around 3pm because it helps me make it to the end of the day just a little.
every day :: around 5pm, my anxiety levels skyrocket because one little boy is a little too wild and one little girl is a little too whiny.
every day :: i crawl into bed at the end of the day and all of the mistakes i've made are fresh on my mind.

every day :: he asks me if he can see her first in the morning.
every day :: he climbs on her crib and hugs her and kisses her.
every day :: her eyes light up & her squeals fill the room when he walks in.
every day :: he says, "hi sissygirl!" with so much joy in his little voice.
every day :: they become better friends.

every day :: it is worth it.


  1. sanctification at it's finest. :)
    you are a great mom, katy.

    and these guys prove that. :) <3

  2. Love this post...such a sweet photo. It never ceases to amaze me how many highs and lows we experience everyday as mothers. And yet those moments however sweet or difficult they may be are always a tender reminder for me of the special (and sacred) journey we are privileged to share with our babies through their childhood.

  3. What a special post!! They are going to be such great friends growing up. :) Brothers are just the best.

  4. oh my sweetness. this is perfect. i love your mama heart. and them too.

  5. Every word. Honest and brave and love.

    That photo!!

  6. so great and i love your honesty! those photos are so sweet :)

  7. oh i needed to read this.....
    i'm not sure i've commented on your blog before, but i really have found a refuge in your posts about difficulties/struggles in parenting miles..... i, too, have a rowdy toddler boy who knows how to push my buttons and some days i

    you are so sweet, i love your home, and most of all, admire your heart for the Lord :)


  8. love this pic.
    it's exactly what they'll remember most from these baby days.
    press on, love you :)

  9. Love you, Katy. You are so precious to me and I am so grateful for your honesty.


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