Friday, May 10, 2013

ten on ten :: may

started today off with proverbs 10.
because it is the 10th.
my favorite verse of that chapter today was :
"when words are many, sin is not absent,
but he who holds his tongue is wise."
[verse 19]

i feel like donald is saying,
"oh heyyyyyyyy goofy & mickey.
thanks for nothing, you filthy animals."

big boys like to put their own shoes on no matter how long it takes.
tired & rushed mamas (clearly i am talking to myself here) need to learn how to be a little more patient.

a little costco run to stock up for the week.


when the house finally got quiet, it was time to open a new book.
and cry within 30 seconds of it.

sometimes things get really hard with this little boy.
and this mama makes a lot of mistakes.
and my voice gets a little too loud.
and my i don't practice proverbs 10:19 very well in those moments.
so when he's quiet and asleep and breathing ever so gently,
i sneak into his room.
and lay on his bed.
and sometimes i touch his hair.
or stroke his cheek.
or hold his hand.
and pray.
a thousand prayers that i can be a better mom.

oh hey, girl.
someone is quickly playing with every single toy of her big brother's before he wakes up.
 and steals them all back.

made a new print for my shop!
i am working on a master bedroom re-do & wanted to make a print for it.
i really like it so i added it to the shop.

six pm.
scooter mcscoots should be arriving home soon.
and on fridays, it cannot come fast enough.
yay for the weekend.

i'm linking up with rebekah!
you should do it too sometime.

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  1. that book...i cried through every page. love the new print. and i want to squeeze your kids.

  2. I am so sorry things are hard right now. You know what. I love you and I'm praying for you. Hugs.

  3. you made it through. a quote i heard tonight (thanks to cindy)

    God gives us grace to ENJOY
    and Grace to ENDURE.

    I see Him blessing you with both. :)
    love you.

  4. I just love reading your blog. It is so uplifting-even when you write about the hard things. We are having our second 19 months after our first and i am trying not to be nervous :) Thank you for always looking to jesus-it is such a good reminder when I get frustrated with just our one little. Being a mom is much harder than I ever anticipated-where is my PhD that I apparently needed?!?!?!
    PS: What book is that about motherhood? I should get it...
    Love, Anna

  5. Sorry-this is Anna norman (my husband was logged in). annajnorman at gmail

  6. i love you. stop making cute prints.

  7. i need to learn to hold my tongue and not ramble ( just like i am about to do in this comment. ) needed that scripture today!

    jude is so lazy. he won't even try to put his shoes on..i make him and he cries he whole time.

    how cute miss cam. is playing with her brothers toys lol.

    What book are you reading??


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