Tuesday, June 4, 2013

dear justin.

dear justin bieber,
the time has come.
i have put this post off for far too long.
people say they saw this coming a mile away.
but i beliebed in you, justin. i really, really did.

we had a good run.
we've shared movies.
and music.
and concerts.
i even bought another ticket to another concert.
but i am too disappointed in you. so i gave my ticket away.

baby, baby, baby.
the memories will not leave me.

like back when we were young.
my bieber party in panera that christie threw me.
my heart soared. i was one less lonely girl.

and the card she made me.
oh, the card. framed on my nightstand.
well, not really. but in my heart, it was true.


and my bieber watch from my mil.
and the tickets to the concert from my closie, alisha.
and that BOMB phone cover that i used loud & proud.
such sweet memories that i will never forget.

you know what else i won't forget, justin?
that time you smoked pot. you promised you would never do drugs.
and the time you were like 18 hours late to your concert in germany because you were lifting weights.
and the time you had your new car painted to look like a leopard. stupid. so stupid.

and this shirt.

and this hat.
good LORD.
clearly, you are still smoking pot.

i had faith in you.
i really did.
i really thought you could be EVERYONE'S buzz lightyear.
but this is where we part ways.
i am now one MORE lonely girl.
just a beauty and a beat. trying to make my life complete.

thank you for your time, bieber.
but i think you're crazy ridiculous and i am embarrassed for you.
i hope that you clean up your life. and that one day, you pull up your pants and put on a shirt.
and that it is not leather.



  1. I FEEL THE SAME WAY!! wahhhh,.

  2. i wish i could use the little emoticon with the tears coming out of the laughing eyes.

  3. i do have a few bieber songs. i kinda believed in him, too. so sad.

  4. Aw, the Biebs sure has gown downhill! However, this post was hilarious- loved it!

  5. I've been wondering when this post was going to happen. So sad, biebs.

  6. It was only a matter of time... poor kid.

  7. Oh Katy, my heart aches for you!
    Biebs needs Jesus. I bet it's been a while...
    You forgot the gas mask. What was that???

    1. i mean, do you really want to know about the gas mask? it's so he's not spotted. 3 of his friends wear them too so that you never know its him. i did my research apparently.

  8. so sorry for your loss katy. sounds like you're strong and movin' on. keep your chin up, girl.

  9. Oh this breaks my heart.
    I admit, I was not a faithful fan like you were.
    BUT he was someone I wouldn't mind having my little girl crush on.
    Pot? Why?!

  10. You didn't even mention the monkey!

    Glad that you two are splits.

  11. justin bieber, where is your mother?
    you are so grounded.

  12. RIP.

    Why do celebs break our hearts so dang bad?

    Keep the faith, sister. I'm right here with you in the trenches.

  13. Katy,

    We cannot forget Justin's new beloved pet monkey now can we? :)

    Also, how weird are all of his tattoos?!? I mean, do they stand for ANYTHING??

  14. I think this is the best goodbye letter I've ever read.

  15. Katy, you are funny! Thanks for making this 108degree day enjoyable!

  16. i mean, that party was amazing. also, he totally borrowed that hat from me and never returned it. rude, justin. rude.

  17. Best break-up note ever. I need that same emoticon with the laughing tears. My one question is who your new crush will be on? I mean, who's worthy?!

  18. oh my goodness this might be the best post you have ever written. lol

  19. Well. Said. I was JUST telling my husband it's time to boycott the Biebs. I never owned any of his cd's but, if I did, they would surely be collecting dust. You know, to prove a point. Can he just be nice?? That is all.

  20. Katy, I havent read any blogs in forever and I was seriously just thinking about your love for justin aka vanilla ice jr. Im glad I came across this, made my night.

  21. Katy, I havent read any blogs in forever and I was seriously just thinking about your love for justin aka vanilla ice jr. Im glad I came across this, made my night.


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