Thursday, June 27, 2013

lately we have been....

...sneaking around & trying not to get caught.

...playing weird games early in the morning.
complete with shoes & hats. but no shirts.

...resting in truths.

...restarting bad mornings.

...climbing on tables like she's not supposed to.
this girl better gain some fear soon.

...welcoming new babies.
i love when my closies have babies.

...going on dates with scotty for my birthday.

...and then being so excited & surprised to know that some of our best friends were also meeting us.
eating lots of yummy desserts.
and playing star wars mad libs at the restaurant.

...waking up 32 years old and feeling so happy & full in life.

...heading to the coast to meet my mama and my sister to celebrate my birthday and miles' birthday.
clearly, someone copies someone.
and it is not my sister.

...soaking up every second of that day.
it was wonderful.

...celebrating my little 3-year-old with a small tractor party.

...trying to remember to be anxious over nothing.
worry empties today of its strength.

...making new prints.

...and learning to enjoy every day.
no matter what life brings my way.
and being at peace.
and living with joy.

life is better when lived that way.


  1. Yes, yes, yes. Just....YES. Gosh I feel this way so much. In the fight with you, sister. Appreciate your honesty. :)

    Dana at Happy Little Lovelies

  2. So much I really like about this, but the colors of your life are pretty magical, so are the people and the events too

  3. Beautiful pictures! I love your hair! Too cute girl.

  4. Beautiful pictures. Are you going to post pictures from Mile's Birthday Party?
    I just love your new print...I think a visit to your shop is in order!

  5. I love you. And I love reading your blog and enjoying your pics! Hugs!

  6. shoot i have so much to say. i loved this post! that pic of cammie on the table! fav!!!!!! no fear girl, no fear! so cute. and that pic of you guys on the picnic table. so special. all your people right there. love that.

    love you!


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