Thursday, June 13, 2013

the perfect weekend.

last friday, at approximately 3:45pm, i boarded a plane by myself.
i had been waiting for this trip for a long time.
i was meeting my bestie brooke for 4 days. & i hadn't seen her in exactly two years.
and it was certainly beyond time.
it was time to be refreshed, to have good conversation, to be with someone that just plain gets me.
and from the time i stepped off that plane to the time i stepped back on it, it was perfection.

meet dottie! the cutest little doggy i've ever met.

we went for a walk around this fishing pond one day.
and we had about 7 people take our pics.
it was tragic, really.

i was on VACATION.
p.s. the cupcakes were gross. we did not eat them.
the see's, however.....

whatchu gonna do?!

we watched 13 episodes of the new season of arrested development.
tobias is our favorite character.
and one of my favorite moments of the weekend was when brooke's husband came out of the bedroom and said,
"it is so good to hear brooke laugh like that."

i'm not super sure why yet, but when i got off the plane on monday night, i was really emotional.
my kids were standing there waiting for me as i walked out. they were shouting at the top of their lungs.
and i hugged scott and was giddy with excitement that i was back with all of them.

but when scott asked me how the weekend was, i couldn't really put it into words.
i'm not sure if it is because it had been two years since our last visit (the longest we've ever gone),
or if it is because i just really, really miss my best friend.
or if it is because i went as a worn out, tired mama that really needed a break.

we didn't do anything spectacular.
we woke up, drank coffee, spent much-needed time with the Lord.
we shopped, we ate good food, we laughed til we couldn't breathe.
we ate pizza, we drank juice & malibu rum, we nibbled on see's candy.
we watched 13 hours of arrested development together. 
we sat on the grass and talked and enjoyed fresh air.

but it was just what this weary soul needed.
and sometimes, that is what a best friend is for.

and when i hugged scott as i got off the plane, my very first words were, 
"i can't go two years without seeing her again."
because her friendship is a breath of fresh air.
and i already miss her to the max.

and maybe next time we see each other, there will be an arrested development movie.
where never-nudes unite by the banana stand. 

brooke. i love you.
and don't worry. i will send you see's.


  1. praise jesus for friendships that fill us up so well!

  2. I love this! Best friends are so amazing. I love how you can pick up things right where you left off 2 years ago! My best friend and I call each other anam caras--friends of the soul--because no one fully gets you like your bestest friend. :)

  3. This is such a sweet post. It's so nice to have that one person who just knows you and you don't have to do anything but be yourself when you're around them. That's great that you had such a nice time, and a little break!

  4. i am so, so happy you did this. hardworking mamas need breaks! and being with a best friend is so good for the soul. i'm so glad you got this time with her!

  5. Aww this is so great! So glad you had the chance to get away and spend time with a bestie. :)

  6. Katy! So glad you nourished your soul! And you look stunning. Blessings!

  7. Special friends are hard to find. Those types of friendships need to be guarded and protected. So glad you guys got together!

  8. besties are the bestest. i'm so happy you had such a rejuvenating trip.

  9. Oh my goodness. Reading this through teary eyes. I love you and Miss you to the MAX too!

  10. That is SO awesome. What a blessing true friends are!

  11. i love this so so much. there is nothing like a best friend! you two are too cute together!

  12. P.S. I am in the middle of rewatching season one of AD and needed to tell you that Buster is my favorite :)

  13. glad you had a good time! it truly sticks having bff that live in totally different states :(

  14. so happy for you friend. this sounds so perfect!

  15. katy. i just have had a lot to say here. so it took me an eternity to sit down, and read through again, and comment.

    first off things i like: rum, that pizza, mason jar water, sees candy, dottie, your smile in these pics, yours and brooke's outfits, that cute town, the anthro mug.

    next, things i love: your refreshment. your renewed spirit with the Lord. your happiness after this visit.

    i really hope you do get back with her again. and very soon. :)

  16. i teared up reading this. how sweet! i LOVE hearing brooke laugh too. it's the best! so glad you all were able to have such a great time. :)

  17. My BFF is in Colorado also. I haven't seen her in a year. Sadness.
    SO glad you got to have a weekend away to hang out with her!! Looked like you girls had an awesome time.
    (Was that a picture of you guys at the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder?!?!)


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