Wednesday, June 19, 2013


on saturday morning, i will wake up another year older.
thirty-two, if you will.
and lately i've been reflecting on the last year of my life.
how it was, hands-down, one of the hardest years i've ever experienced.
and how there were days where i felt like it could not get much darker.
and how i didn't really tell anyone how hard it really has been for me.
it's a hard thing to admit sometimes - that you just feel lost with no light at the end of the tunnel.

but when i was in colorado a few weeks ago, i started to think realize that my life is really, really full.
and everywhere i went, in several different stores, there were these signs for sale.
they said, "life is beauty full."
and maybe it was because life was finally still & quiet around me,
or maybe it was because i missed my kids,
but i started to really believe it.

that my life is really full of beauty.

beauty is all around me, really.
in the way miles calls my name at 6am.
in the the way camden's eyes light up when i walk in the room.
it is in the way scott makes my coffee in the morning.
it is in the way the Lord is gracious towards me when i make mistakes.
it is even in the way i've had to learn to discipline my children.
life is beauty full even when the days are twice as long as they should be.
or three times as hard as they needed to be.

on saturday morning, i will wake up someone very different than i was when i turned thirty-one.
i will wake up more confident & less insecure.
i will wake up stronger & wiser.
i will wake up closer to the Lord.
i will wake up a better mother & a better wife.

i will wake up thankful for where i am right now.
for the beauty full life i have - even when days are hard.
and for the way the Lord has captured my heart this year and poured his mercy on me.
i will wake up thankful for the journey i am on and the lessons i have learned.
i will wake up refreshed. with a new perspective on today.

thirty-two will be an adventure.
i am excited to experience life's beauty.


  1. This post put a big smile on my face! Praise the Lord!

    I don't pretend to understand what you've been through this year, but God is good, and life IS beauty full!


  2. Your life IS beautiful. Beauty always comes out of the tough stuff that we'd rather not face. I love you, friend. Happy, happy birthday.

  3. Love you, friend. I am so sorry that this past year has been hard. Praying mercy and joy over you.

  4. you are FULL of beauty in my book!
    I love you

  5. I've had a hard year too. I don't feel beauty full. but i'm coming to the realization too, thankfully, that life really is FULL and it's beautiful. great post, love. I think you're amazing.

  6. Katy, I agree with your husband, you are FULL of beauty. I have to say, while this has been a difficult year for you, I believe you have blossomed and grown SO much more than I would ever have imagined! I am prouder than ever to be your Mama. The peace and joy that radiates out of you is contagious. I honestly cannot believe the nurturing mother you have become, and how much you truly enjoy your children. I would have to say this is the happiest and most beauty full I've ever seen you! I LOVE YOU!!!

  7. I'm pretty sure I wish I lived next door to you. :)

  8. KATY! Happy Birthday sister girlfriend. I so agree with your mom & Scott- so much beauty. Even in the midst of darkness you have been such a sweet friend to me this past year. Your love for the Lord & your heart to serve your family has impacted me, even from afar. I hope you had such a great day celebrating. I love you a lot.

  9. Honey child, I'm so glad God is filling your heart with fullness, but I know that it's because of all the work you've done this past year. You're growing into the woman He created you to be and that is worth celebrating every single day!
    32 is going to be greeeaaatt!

  10. i tried commenting on this way back when, and it failed.
    but you are BEAUTY FULL and i'm so glad God gave you an eye for seeing the fullness of his beauty right in front of you. :)

    keep on striving to see that, even when it gets cloudy, it doesn't mean it isn't there.

    it's been a good year for you, i can't wait to see what the next one brings. :)

  11. i hope you had a really great and blessed birthday!!! great little post so full of thought, truth, gods love, and wisdom .

  12. Beauty Full....I love that.
    Loved this post! Love you!
    Happy (belated) birthday!!!


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