Monday, June 24, 2013

three years old.

dear miles,
today you are three.
three whole years.
and i've been thinking lately about you.
about how much you've changed lately.
grown up. learned. listened.
how refreshing and fun you are to be around.

you've got a little light in you, miles.
you have this sweet spirit - so thoughtful of others.
you never want your sissygirl left out.
you never want anyone to feel sad.
you have a gentle heart. 

 [over it!]

and while there are some interesting days with you,
[i mean, you're a 3-year-old boy! why wouldn't days be interesting?!]
you have taught me more about the Lord than anyone.
you have a strong will.
and you love to talk.
and you have a very, very active personality.
and lots of days, i think, 
"wow, he is all his dad and none of me."
but it has been so good for me to be around.
it has grown me so much.

dear miles,
you light up our lives.
you make us laugh,
you keep us on our toes,
you love deeply.
and you are the sweetest little three-year-old that i know.

your smile is the best.
happy birthday, buddy.

p.s. all pics taken by my closie, lorieloo.


  1. Happy Birthday to your handsome little man! Hope you both have a great day celebrating him!

  2. happy HAPPY birthday, sweet miles!!
    these pictures are fantastic!!

  3. Happy Birthday sweet Miles!

  4. Happy birthday miles!!, you sure are one precious 3 year old! Here's to a new year of love, growth,obeying mommy, and being as sweet as they get!!!!

  5. This just made me cry. Happy Birthday Miles boy! What beautiful pictures & such beautiful words. He is so handsome! I love his smile & his hair. One cool dude. 3 years of parenting- job well done, Katylove.

  6. Happy Birthday, Miles!!! These pictures are absolutely darling! :)

  7. what a precious boy you have on your hands! adorable pics, too, for the win!!

  8. Happy birthday Miles!!! THREE!!!
    He is adorable!


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