Sunday, June 2, 2013

weekend sevens.

1. on saturday, we met my dad over at the beach.
we celebrated camden's birthday, my upcoming birthday, miles' upcoming birthday, and father's day.
miles has only been to the beach once & camden never has been - so it was a blast!
and a beautiful day. so much fun!

2. miles sat in the same exact spot for most of the day.
building with his new sand toys.
well, i'm not quite sure he was building.
more like transferring sand from the shovel to the bucket and back to the shovel again.

3. scott took miles out on a boogie board and i think it was the best moment of his life.
i'm pretty sure this picture needs to be framed. i love his little smile.

4. and little peanut girl would not sit still.
but she would also not touch the sand.
so she would walk to the corner of the blanket and then turn around and walk to the other corner.
she loved the water though. she had not one ounce of fear in her.

5. miles was so exhausted when we left but would NOT let his new mater toy out of his hands.

6. and my new mini-prints were waiting on the doorstep when i got back!
i am really excited about them. :) they are included in every 8x10 order in the shop!

7. and on sunday afternoon, when miles woke up from his nap, i could tell right away he was grumpy.
even his "after nap treat" wouldn't work. 
(he gets a chocolate marshmallow when he wakes up to shake away the grumpies.)
so i said, "hey! let's go on a mama/miles date!"
and before we did, i asked scott to take a picture.
thanks for making an appearance.

but i'll take this one. 
it is a keeper.
i love him.


  1. cammie's hair is growing in soooo amazingly. i can't even believe it.

    and i think scott's a little jealous of your cute date. hence him putting his fingerprint on it ;)

    also, sweet cards.

  2. Katy I would like to order a print from you. The 8x10 Micah 6:8. I can bring the money by your house when I pick it up, If that works email me

  3. ahh, i love this! such a fun wkend.
    and i love miles teeth. is that weird? i do.

  4. i love all of this.
    you're beautiful.
    your family is beautiful.
    have a happy week.

  5. What a perfect day at the beach!! I wish I lived close to one!
    And my husband refuses to take pictures for me. So when my mom is around, she does it. And her finger ends up in every. single. picture.
    Your family is too cute!!

  6. love the last photo. fun day the beach. i need to move by a beach.


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