Tuesday, June 18, 2013

weekend sevens.

we went to disneyland this past weekend.
it was what scott wanted to do for father's day.
isn't it funny how things change when you have children?
you delight in their happiness. and they were so happy.
it was the greatest day we've had there so far.
we also made it miles' and my birthday disney trip.
so it was just a celebration all around.

1. this girl and her daddy.
there is just nothing like them.
she's got a dangerous tug on his heart

2. peter pan ride first.
every time.
best ride at disneyland.

3. this girl is suddenly obsessed with minnie. and princesses.
it is SO fun. i love every second of it.

4. i will be sad when they don't love this part of disneyland anymore.

5. we rode the toon town roller coaster 5 times in a row.
and 5 times in a row, this little guy's day was MADE.
i mean, look at his smile!!
it was a blast. i loved every second.

6. this is how camden watches parades.
pointing and shouting "BUZZ!" to everyone.

7. let's talk about scooter mcscoots for a second.
he is the best guy i know.
the most gracious person with the kindest heart.
and such a great dad.
my sister sent a text that said, "you make your kids' lives so much fun."
and she was right.
he is crazy, he is funny, he is a kid at heart.
and my kids' lives are so fun because of him.
he is the most perfect father for miles and cammie jane.
and the best husband for me.
couldn't have a better guy around.

bonus pic.
behind the scenes, if you will.


  1. a few things here.
    i'm PREEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTY sure cammie is obsessed with scott. i mean, every picture proves it.

    you look at happy as miles on that coaster. and that makes me happy.

    are we going to go on peter pan first? because i'm totally okay with it. it's my top 5 rides at disney. actually, maybe top 3. actually it might be #1.

    lastly. that pic of cammie and minnie.

  2. you have such a precious family, Katy.

  3. Ohhhh so precious!!! You have the sweetest family. And now I must go to Disneyland. :)

  4. you are amazing. and peter pan? Yes. Totally agree.

  5. Such cute pictures of your sweet family! We love Disneyland as well....just wish it was not a 7 hr drive!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  6. fun trip! my oldest became so obsessed with princess she earned the nickname princerella ... i will be so sad when she out grows them.


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