Monday, July 8, 2013

july, so far.

it is a week into july.
and has been 108 almost every day.
dear Lord of heaven and earth, why?
have you ever heard of "winter blues"? it is a real thing.
people who get down in the dumps because every day is gray & cold outside.
well, since moving to the central valley of california 8 years ago, i feel that i get the "summer blues".
because being outside & actually breathing are two activities that do not mix well during the months of july & august.

anyway, i am trying to find glimpses of joy in each day.

which was clearly obvious in this picture.
i think at that very moment it was probably 10am and over 100 degrees.
i am so happy. can you tell?
also right before this pic was taken, miles purposely stepped on my brand new purse.
i am so grateful scott has learned to document our family moments.

same day: scott thinks it would be awesome to wheel this beast around albertsons.
so we were looking at a really great day so far.

scott promised miles a camp out under the stars.
but it was 106 when it was time for miles to go to sleep.
so he microwaved smores. and set up the tent in the living room.
and my sweet husband slept on the living room floor so miles could have his camp out.

in april, we went to visit a good friend.
and miles somehow ended up behind their pool gate.
the instant we noticed was the instant he fell into the water.
and also the instant that scott ran and jumped the tall fence right into the pool to get him out.
one of my worst nightmares. i still lose sleep sometimes over it.
but i called a swim teacher the very next day and got miles enrolled in swim lessons.

nine days of 10 minute lessons & he graduated his first year.
and he.did.awesome. i am one proud mama.
and one grateful girl to mr. brett for being such an amazing teacher.
i could not have asked for a better nine days.
i am so impressed and can't wait to sign him up for another round next year.

i felt like july 4th was the perfect day to introduce camden jane to nail polish.
it lasted one day but it was the cutest thing i've ever seen.

we battled the heat and headed an hour north to my in-laws for the annual 4th party.
and spent most of the time in the pool.
my MIL bought the kids these patriotic outfits.

we snuck out for an afternoon drive and ended up at this gorgeous lake.
i hope we do it every year. because that air conditioning in the car was just what we needed at 4pm.

i love that where we live we get to do fireworks.
one of my favorite parts of the holiday.
i like to softly sing patriotic songs for people.

these two got in a full on brawl today.
one minute i'm doing dishes, the next minute i see cammie jane push her brother.
he was not blameless, he pushed her back.
and the next thing i know, they are rolling on the ground fighting like junior high boys.
don't feel sorry for camden. she started it. and instigated.
that girl is gonna keep me on my toes.

someone lower the heat.
it makes me want to swear.
no, really. i texted my friend lorie and asked her if i could say certain words on here.
and she said no to all of them.

also. p.s. i own more than one shirt. fyi.


  1. I love the indoor camping. Last summer my husband started outside with the kids and it was just way to hot so they moved it in.
    I may live somewhat by you...not sure. Either way yes it was SO hot last week. 110 on the 4th is just crazy. I did not even want to go out for the fireworks. I looked a lot like you in the first picture last week. :)

  2. First of all, I adore your blog. Second of all...would you believe I have actually been job hunting for my husband in central California...despite the crazy hot weather? Living in the Oregon rain for the past 20 years has me aching for the sweaty hot weather. I'll probably regret it, but don't tell me that now. I NEED SUNSHINE.

  3. You can text me your swear words about the heat all day. Everyday. Cause chances are, I'm saying the same thing.

  4. i think this post is a-ok.
    i also think summer (so far) is pretty great.

    i'm glad i got to see miles and cammie for a hot minute.

  5. That family picture is seriously the cutest! I sure do hope you have AC inside, because that would be unbearable!! That is so scary about Miles and the pool! So thankful that you saw him just in time, that is the scariest thing ever! Glad he's got some lessons now, hopefully you can breathe a little easier when there's a pool nearby. :)

  6. I do NOT miss those horrendous b-town summers one bit. It was 90 here the other day & I thought I was going to melt. No clue how I lasted so long in the valley... I remember being so thankful for the foggy fall days!

  7. oh that heat sucks. we had that summer last year. it was awful...the flip side this summer has been maybe next year will be better!? hope it cools down for you!!!!


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