Wednesday, July 10, 2013

pinwheels for days.

my friend jessica is having a sweet baby girl in just eight weeks.
sweet little Holland Joy.
the minute jessica told me the news, i knew i wanted to shower that little baby with love.
and so did my close friends kim & julie.

blog friends turned real life friends, if you will.
friends that share stories every day, share pain, hurts, hardships, laughter, and weirdness.
these friends have become really, really dear to me.

so dear to me, in fact, that i was not embarrassed when i fell down a flight of stairs in front of kim.

first night. kim's house. took one step. and fell down the rest.
funny, yes. painful, YES. i still cannot stop laughing. or taking aleve. or worrying about broken ribs.
but that is besides the point.

also when i was making the cookies the next morning, i opened the bag of white chocolate chips and they flew everywhere.
and i said to kim, "if one more thing goes wrong..." and then i promptly burned every finger on the rack in the oven.
that was after julie's flight got canceled and she burned her hand with her curling rod deal thing.
jess. this was all for you.

anyway, it was the sweetest little shower with lots of pinwheels and lots of extremely good food.
and lots of friends that were excited to love on little baby girl.

party planners.
also, i am pretty sure those pants don't fit like they did that night.
a little too much lemon-white chocolate-chex mix, if you will.

well, i might have eaten a little too much of all of this goodness as well.
but YOLO, people. YO-LO.
the pretty banner was made by julie.

it was also really fun to hang out with keri & mel.
and it was neat to see everyone from all different pockets of the johnsons' life come and love on her.
it says a lot about a person when that many people come to celebrate.
i was honored to be a part of the shower and to love on their family that way.

also. we got a flat tire on the way home.
so add that to the list of awesome things that happened at the pinwheel shower.

i will leave you with this pic.
there is always one idiot that ruins a good capture.

i love you.
i love baby holland joy.
i loved every second of celebrating you & her.
 and i cannot wait to meet her.
and i hope you saved every single pinwheel that i made.


  1. el oh el.....for real. and this is all way too cute.

  2. this post just made me smile! Love reading your blog...I just never remember to write a comment..I do in my head? haha..that doesn't count though!

  3. LOVE. You crack me up. And ouch to the stairs.

  4. this all turned out adorable. and i'm really happy you did not break your skull falling down those stairs. for real.

  5. I am very sorry about all of your injuries. We'll take any medical bills out of her college fund. And I love you more. No right words to thank you for all that you did. It was such a special night and I am so very thankful. Thankful for days. And I saved all 302 pinwheels.

  6. so much sweetness.
    hooray for holland joy!
    sorry you fell down the stairs, ha.


  7. Is it possible that all of my favorite CA bloggers are all in that picture?!! Love you all!

  8. oh love the pinwheels. job well done ladies!

  9. this might be the best post you have ever written. solely because of the stairs report.
    i'm still laughing over it. and now terrified of my own home.
    please dont sue me.
    i'm glad you and your basket survived.

    i'm also glad i got to do this with you.
    let's convince jessica to have #4 so we can do it again. :)


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