Friday, July 19, 2013

this week.

i yelled a little too much.
i was a little too grumpy.
i worried a lot - which is not like me.
i was an anxious mess - also unlike me.
i had hurt feelings.
i didn't pray enough.
it was a struggle to find moments in each day that were worth remembering.
most of them i wanted to forget.
this week was just not my week.

but in a week that felt black & white & gray all over, this little guy added color.
in the little things :: like running into my bathroom while i'm putting on my make-up.
and saying "good morning, mommy!"

and running into the living room to tell me "A STORM TROOPER IS IN MY BEDROOM!"
and proceeding to shoot it with a fake gun.

or laying in the backyard on a blanket with the big blue sky above us for miles and miles.
and whispering to me "i can hear a helicopter, mommy. shhh, listen for it."

in a week where i wanted to forget almost everything, he brought me moments i will always remember.


  1. what a sweet capture!
    praise jesus for colorful boys.

    praying jesus' peace over you this weekend, katy.
    love you

  2. Those difficult mama days are definitely hard to overcome sometimes...what a blessing that your little fella was able to lift your spirits and warm your heart!

    Such a sweet photo...

  3. Sweet moments like these make me excited to be a mom... one day. :)

  4. I love your honesty. Gray only lasts for a season. And some seasons you have to look extra hard for the color. But it is all around you. Love you, friend.

  5. I love how honest you are in your posts.
    Such a sweet picture of you and you little man!

  6. story of my life. clinging to Grace right along with you. xo.

  7. Praise The Lord for special moments. Hang in there girl.

  8. i can relate. been there. heck. i AM there.


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