Thursday, August 1, 2013

august pinterTest :: bookends.

well hello there, dusty old blog.
it has been awhile.
i have not opened blogger (or read a single blog) in weeks.
it's not you. it's me.
no time. no motivation. toooooooo HOT.

but it is august 1st.
and it is PINTERTEST day.
and i actually pintertested.
so i am blogging today. and i am hoping this is the start of a beautiful friendship between me, august & blogging.

in may, i blogged about how i joined pinterest.
i have enjoyed it.
i have seen lots of cool things on there.
and some weird things. anyway.

i have been really wanting some refurbished shelves in my bedroom.
i found some perfect ones at west elm but the price was not perfect.
so one day, scooter said, "oh i can make those" with the confidence of michael phelps in a kiddie pool.
so i challenged him to the test. except i wanted black hanger things, not wood.

so we went to a deserted barn and grabbed some wood, and he made the shelves for me!
and while deciding what to put on them, i came across these delightful gold bookends.
it just so happened that my master is the only place i have gold in my house.
and i wanted to put books on my new shelves. WIN WIN!

so on a sunday afternoon in 110 degree heat, we went to the hardware store & bought the supplies!

now. let's get one thing straight.
in the tutorial, homegirl was like, "oh you need spray adhesive."
and i was like, "yeah sureeeeeeee you do. i'll use hairspray."
no. homegirl was right. you need spray adhesive.
you cut the lace and use the spray adhesive to glue the lace to the brick and that hairspray worked for about 0.23 milliseconds.

after i dug out the spray adhesive from the spray paint box, i just followed her easy peasy directions.
seriously: easiest, cheapest & cutest bookends!!!

the hardest part about the whole thing was doing it in the 110 degree heat.
well, let's be honest. i lasted about 30 seconds and then made scott do the rest.
it is far too hot!

this little corner is quickly becoming my favorite nook in my house.
i love how versitile these bookends are also - you can do any color!
so easy & spruces up a bookshelf so nicely.

i am linking up with my dear friend, jessica!
did you try anything on pinterest this month?
you should link up too!
i hear there's an awesome giveaway. ;)


  1. this looks fan freaking tabulous.
    i love them. ship them to me.
    jayyy kay. jayyy kay.

    also. i need to know, were there any blurred lines from the paint?

  2. Homegirl, those are some BA bookends. Also, can Scott come over here for a bit? Actually, all of you can. It's much cooler here. Thanks. xxoo

  3. you are a riot. like really funny a riot. :) love your take on Pinterest! your right if not treaded (dunno if treaded is a word) carefully those waters become stinky real fast ♥ happy weekend katygirl.

  4. came out great~

    i have been a major blog slacker too.

  5. super, super cute! oh, the bookends are super cute too.

  6. So cute!
    May need to adapt this for my classroom to keep one or two bookshelves organized.
    Thanks for the inspiration!!


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