Saturday, August 10, 2013

ten on ten :: august

crash time.

buy time.

measure time.

snack time.

saw time.

hammer time.
well. airgun hammer time.
with one leg time.

swing time.

sweep time.

paint time.

beauty time.

linking up with rebekah.
ten on ten button


  1. can't touch this;
    it's all so awesome.

  2. um. cute time. creative time. love all of it time. xxoo

  3. crash time is 100% my favorite pic.
    the two of them and their cars.
    i need to see more of that.
    like a video. with some jams. hey hey hey!

  4. Stopping by from Ten on Ten...gosh I miss those Little Tikes days!! My kids are teenagers now!! Nice pics!

  5. you're going to post more of this table/wood creation/strip goodness, yes?
    and, how to you put that ten on ten button on your page?
    i'm so un-techy.

    love every pic.

  6. Dying to see what you are making. Looks awesome already!

  7. I didn't know Scott doubled as a flamingo, so impressive.
    Also I can't take it what are you going to do with your DIY (pallet?) ? I love the stripes.

  8. love these :) once again i forgot. 10 on 10 ... it cant be that hard to remember i am sure. but atlas i forgot.

    the cozy coupe photo is adorable!

  9. You are so pickin clever. I love your sense of humor and witty writing.


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