Monday, August 5, 2013

ten snapshots

 1. putting these words into practice.
i try to change my chalkboard on the first day of every week.
just trying to set the tone & put some words of wisdom into our minds & hearts.

 2. he wears a mean scowl.

 3. camden jane loves dollies.
and this was her very first one.
it was a gift from a friend when she was born.
the sweetest little doll baby named sophie.
it sits on her dresser. & every morning cammie says "baby!" to it when i go to get her.

4. this is my hairdresser turned dear friend, michelle.
she has done my hair for 7 years and i love her so much.
she is getting married & i got to go to her shower on saturday.
i am so excited for her!
and also thankful for her because she works her magic on my hair.
and deals with me when i send extreme close up selfies asking if she sees any grays.
selfies are never a good idea. especially when they're of your hairline.

5. saturday mornings around here.
father/son yard duty.
i watch from inside sipping gourmet coffee & eating strawberries.

6. always something with these two.

7. thought we'd take a little pic on saturday night.
didn't realize their eyes were on the prize.

8. a little missy jane found out what princesses are.
i have a funny feeling scott's life is about to drastically change.

9. he has never been cooler than this moment.

10. one minute i was cleaning dishes.
the next minute, they were reading like this.
i love them.
i hope they are this close forever.


  1. hahahahahaaaaaaaaa about texting Michelle closeup selfies asking about greys. that's the best.

  2. So fun! Love your chalkboards- you do such an awesome job with being intentional. That pic of the kids and you with the ice cream is adorable!

  3. you make me laugh in the best way possible. xo

  4. They are too cute together! I bet they will be the best of friends growing up. I love that. :)

  5. Do you know that you make me smile from ear to ear every time I read your posts? True story.

  6. cute photos. and now i really want mint chocolate chip ice cream.

  7. I love that Cammie loves the baby. And the pic of those two is so sweet. May our kiddos always love each other like that!


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