Tuesday, August 27, 2013

the prettiest headboard in our home.

the office/guest room is where i spend all my free time.
at the desk, behind the computer screen, with my eyes glued to photoshop.
every nap time, this is where you'll find me. & most nights, as well.
so a few months ago, i decided i wanted to get rid of the clutter and the mismatched furniture.
and make the space really clean and neat. somewhere that felt peaceful.
i knew i wanted to use just small splashes of color and mostly black, white, & gray.
and i knew that we were working on a VERY minimal budget. (like most things in my home.)

i found this headboard online.
i knew right away scott could easily make that.
and we could ditch the FREE wrought iron one we picked up on the side of the road.
true story.
anyway, i saved up my money and we finally bought the supplies and finished it a few weeks ago.
scott set a budget for $60 total. and we went over by only $2! i think that is a success.

i asked scooter if he would please send me a list of supplies we used so that i could share my knowledge with you.
in true scooter form, the list was very detailed.
i copied and pasted for you. just so you can see his engineering mind and also the smiley face.

·         Lumber = 2x4’s (10’Length) (3EA) For Framing
·         Lumber = ½”x6” Fencing Slats (6’ Length) (+/-25EA Based on Height of headboard)
·         Hardware = Nails/Brads for Nail Air Gun
·         Paint = Semi-Gloss White Paint (1 Quart)
·         Tools = Small Paint Roller, Pan, Screwdriver, BLUE 3M Tape (The good stuff with the “GREEN” Coloring – Not “ORANGE” J)
·         Cleanup – Blower, Broom for Floor

before we left for the hardware store, scott obviously took measurements of the bed and the height we wanted it to be.
since we used fence slats to save money, when we got home, he simply meaured and cut the end of the wood that wasn't straight.

he also cut the 2x4's to be able to nail the fence slats to. it should look like a big square on the ground.

once all of the wood was cut, he then took his air gun and nailed the wood to the 2x4's

because my husband is extremely OCD and because my son is quickly following in his footsteps,
they made sure to clean every nook and cranny of our garage in between each step.
they used the cleaning tools stated in the above list. hahaha.

then he sanded it all down to make sure everything was smooth at the same consistency all over.

then he measured the stripes. which in my opinion, took the longest.
i mean, i couldn't be exactly sure since i was inside watching pretty little liars, but it sure did seem like it.
i also heard several grunts of frustrations. and maybe even a few inappropriate words used.
so all that to say, i would bet this was his least favorite part.

when all was measured, he taped it off and painted the headboard white.
we left it in the garage overnight.
and the next morning, he stapled small pieces of foam on the back so that it didn't hit the wall.

(this pic is from my phone)
then we just pushed the bed up against the wall & bam! we had ourselves a fun, funky, headboard.
i really love it & the white brightens the room up so much.
i think scott would say it was a fun project.
i also think he would ask me to stop having projects for him.

but we know the truth right?!
that will never happen. ;)


  1. i think you guys are brilliant. especially the foam part. VERY smart.

    i also want to say thank you to you & scott for making me a bed. you guys are very hospitable to me.
    can you send me a confirmation # for my reservation?

  2. your blog title made me think of a couple inappropriate jokes. eek!
    looks great, i bet you love looking back while working away to see it.
    scott- ken is very envious of your clean workspace.

  3. I really, really, really love that headboard. really.

  4. The whole thing is absolutely amazing.
    And now I want to come sleep in it that bed.

  5. so cute! we built/made a striped headboard for our bed before summer and we love it! :)


  6. i love the headboard and your photography is great too:)

  7. i LOVE it. i think i have that same room pinned.
    looks profesh.
    just tell scott that he should quit his job & be a pinterest makin' machine.
    we'll pay him.
    in pinterest cookies.
    these jokes are so much funnier in my head.

  8. So awesome that you have such a helpful hubby! The headboard looks great, and the decore makes the room perfect!

  9. ummm. stunning!! i love the how cheap it was. i am super frugal. job well done!!!

  10. Love the headboard and pillows! Where is the dearhead one from?


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