Tuesday, September 10, 2013

a million august pics.

only a few more days of summer heat, so i thought we'd wrap it up.
oh. who am i kidding? only a few more months of summer heat.
let's wrap up august with a million cell phone pics, shall we?

hard at work :: working on a project for my shop with my fil :: looking for planes :: sky party to the max :: kiddie pools :: hugging it out :: sunset with my scooter :: celebrating one year!!

a little thing i like to call :: starting the week off right.

best day of my month was this washi tape arrival.

adore his smile.

soaking up the few minutes of peace and quiet.

working on a sunday and enjoying every delightful minute.

legs for days.

these pics creep meowt.
(sorry lesley & kim!)

a disney day in 100 degree heat with the fam & two very sick kids.
matterhorn :: goofy :: gangstas.


  1. Katy.

    (Gun emoji)


    August is the best month if the year, and you have a fun job.
    Also I like Disneyland.

  2. I LIT-ER-A-LEE cannot stop laughing at the cat pictures.
    I also think I could stare at your desk picture with the candle, tea & beautiful packaging all day.

  3. Superficial comment: You are one hot mama! Seriously, it's been so inspirational for me to read about your health journey and see the lasting change. Such an encouragement to me!

  4. the cat pictures…W O W ! i think that deep down you really love cats.

  5. oh my gosh the cat photos.lol

    love camden's bed and the lights above yours! so pretty!

  6. Disney!!!!!!!! And those cats pics are hilarious!

  7. Hey there! I love your site :) I particularly love the prints you have in your daughters room. The colours are lovely and I am wondering where you got the prints from? Did you do them up yourself? The Rise and Shine is one of my favs :) Thank you! My very low key site is www.dayna.org. Thanks!


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