Thursday, September 12, 2013

we had a day.

monday was a rough day around here.
disappointing news & 101 degree weather.
[side note: a friend's baby was born and that was a really, really happy thing.]

in the middle of the day, scott texted with great news.
he had an upcoming meeting in san luis obispo & we could go with him and spend the rest of the day there.
the decision was instant. there was no question in my mind. slo is one of my most favorite places.

so on wednesday morning, at 5:30 am, we woke up & got ready.
we left the disappointments and discouragements behind.
and watched the sun rise in our rear view mirrors.

we got pumpkin spice lattes and awaited the cool, crisp air.

and we had a day.
we ate firestone.
we walked around downtown.
we smelled the flowers at fresh air.
we wore jeans.
and closed toed shoes.
and we didn't even sweat.

we popped into my favorite store.
and we didn't even buy anything.

they napped in the car.
while we listened to music and looked at pretty homes.

we stopped at the ocean.
and drove on the avila pier.

we played at the park.
and ran on the grass.

we stopped at our favorite, favorite place.
camden was scared of every animal.
and miles was enthralled with every tractor.
i wanted every flower & zucchini muffin.
& scott bought his favorite salt water taffy.

the day was not without tears.
or ugly words exchanged.
or disobedience...on any of our parts.
there was lots of that still.

but it was what we needed.
to recollect our thoughts and recharge our spirits.

and we breathed fresh air.
literally and figuratively.

and then we drove away and watched the sun set in our rear view mirrors.
until next time, san luis obispo.
you were so good to us.
and really, really good for us.


  1. recharge days are essential.
    i'm so thankful you got one.
    with all of your loves.

    i'm also thankful tink got to go too. ;)

  2. I love that you got to do this & I'm so glad that you were refreshed.

  3. ohhhhh what fun! uggg I am so over summer in the midwest humidity is awful! I would kill to wear jeans! That store looks lovely!! I sure do enjoy your blog! I hope the rest of your weeks goes good :)

  4. ah, love this. i need me some cool ocean air right about now too. too dang hot. so over it.

  5. I love this. I wish so bad you could move there.

  6. I discovered the Avila Barn while I was in California last September, and I'm STILL thinking about it constantly. Too bad I live in Ohio :(

  7. What an incredibly lovely post, Katy. Thank you so much for sharing your special heart with us!

  8. I need a baby girl so I can name her Camden (actually I need about three baby girls because I have lots of girl names that I love). And I'm ALL about spontaneous trips! What fun! (Except in Des Moines, it takes at least three hours to get anywhere cool. So spontaneous trips don't really happen. Ever. But I'm still all about 'em.)


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