Tuesday, September 3, 2013

mug swap 2013.

every year, one of my closest friends, cuppakim, does the mug swap.
it takes over social media for the month of august.
it is one of my favorite things of the whole year.
and while i love to receive (and boy, did i receive!), to me, the best part is buying for my secret swapper.

when kim sent me my partner's name, i was ecstatic! and nervous.
because i really wanted amanda to love everything i sent her.
if you follow amanda on instagram, you would know that she is extremely creative.
she also has the cutest little shop of bows and headbands that camden jane proudly wears.
that is a lot to live up to. so i had to pull out my creative genes as well.
i thought about the things she loves, and tried to put a fun box together for her.
it was so fun!!

and then one day, i opened the mailbox. 
you should all know by now that opening the mailbox is my favorite thing to do.
light burst out, angels started singing, and unicorns flapped their magical wings.
inside the mailbox was my mugswap box.
the packaging alone was beautiful.
my secret swapper was jamie from raising up rubies.
also with the cutest little shop.

she put so much thought into the package.
she must know i love england. and black and white. and anthropologie.
and chocolate. and cookies. i mean, the whole package was just perfect for me.
but the thing that stood out to me the most was the card she wrote me.
it made me cry - just so encouraging.

thank you, jamie. i am so glad that we are friends. you blessed my soul.

and now a note to my friend kim:
kim. i bet you didn't know when you started the mug swap a few years ago, that 875+ people would sign up in 2013.
i bet you didn't know that this little swap idea of yours would take over the instagram world.
and i also bet you didn't know that so many lives would be brightened because of your little idea.
because of your mugswap, i sent jami a justin bieber journal last year. (of which i deeply, deeply regret)
because of your mugswap, i met my dear friend lesley.
and now my new friend amanda. and also my new friend jamie.

thank you, kim, for all the hard work you put into this year's fantastic mugswap.
i cannot wait to do it again. you're the best.
Mug Swap!


  1. you're so sweet.
    i might be choking back tears.

    i'm so happy you have so many amazing new friends, and that you love the swap so much.
    thanks for all your support and listening to my mug drama. ;)

    i might also be crying because i've had no coffee today. so.

  2. How fun!!! I'm so thankful Kim stepped out and gave us all an excuse to make new friends and bless each other :)

  3. Love your MugSwap buddies and goodies!
    It was such a fun treat and blessing to join this year.
    Can't wait for next year!!

  4. Just beautiful. All. Of. It. I had that same feeling of r-e-a-l-l-y wanting my partner to LOVE what I sent!

  5. What a fun package you gave and got! Love it! Toblerone is my all time fave. // This was my first swap and not my last! It kinda made me be in awe of this totally cool and generous social media community that started with your friend Kim and extended out from her. Pretty amazing. xo

  6. yeeeehawww. love this post girlie. so so glad to know you and i love your heart ♥ and freaked out when i read your name in the email! really i eeeek-d. for like 20 seconds. cuppakim rocks for realz!

  7. wow! that is so cool that many people signed up!! what a sweet package you sent and i love what you got in return!

  8. Oh did you spoil me.
    I loved everything so much. Every time I treat myself to starbucks I think of you and thank God
    for you . cuppakim is one amazing girl. So glad we have connected and hope one day to meet!!! ..... :)


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