Thursday, October 3, 2013


hashtag: i asked for one picture and this is what i got.

hashtag: footprints in the grass.

hashtag: autumn at disneyland is my new fave.

hashtag: i wish i looked that good in a romper.

hashtag: no one has ever been this excited about a paper chain.

hashtag: his world lights up when grammy is around.

hashtag: and mine gets a little dim when she leaves.

hashtag: met my close friend's baby and i'm obsessed with her.

hashtag: need this truth every day in my life.

hashtag: who gave her permission to grow up?

hashtag: i'd give anything for a quiet moment in that little corner today.

hashtag: please watch this video.
hashtag: lolololololololol.


  1. Love that black top you are wearing! And I'm obsessed with your chalkboard wall! :)

  2. #myhusbanddoesthesameinallourpics

  3. hashtag: ovary burst twitch. i love you. come back. hold my baby while i take a nap.

  4. hashtag: do we have a hashtag? i'm thinking #dizbiz ;)

    i want to squeeze your kids.

  5. hashtag : i love you. that is all.
    hashtag: this will never get old.
    hashtag: loving fall

  6. fyi, you are gorgeous in the picture with the new baby!!!!!!

  7. fyi, you are gorgeous in the picture with the new baby!!!!!!

  8. such a great idea for a post Katy! hashtag: sad face ... for the hash tag about your mama. oh and about babies growing up. Someone told me the other day that my baby isnt a baby anymore...shhhheeeesh so rude.

  9. hashtag: I watched that video a million times
    hashtag: almost peed my pants everytime
    hashtag: you make me lololololololoollooolll


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