Tuesday, October 29, 2013

seven latelies.

just some chit chat in their own language.

my closie lorieloo took some family pics of us.
i am very excited to see how they will turn out.
she is pure magic behind that lens.

we took a little trek to the coast a few weeks ago.
this picture makes me all sorts of happy.

grammy gave the kids some sweeeeeeet pj's. 
i'd like camden's in my size please.
superheroes don't get to sleep, you know.

dragged two sick kids to the pumpkin patch on the busiest sunday of pumpkin patch season.
we lasted ten minutes.
and that may be an exaggeration.
could have been eight.
or even less.

just a little truth to start out the week right.

you know what happens on friday?
the christmas collaboration shop opens.
where pen & paint meets katygirl designs.
you guys, i cannot even explain how excited i am to show you our stuff.
we have worked SO HARD to bring you so many amazing cards.
above is a little sneak peek.

and if you are the kind of person that likes a custom card with a design all to yourself,
i am offering a limited amount of custom card spots this year.
there's a button on the sidebar if you are interested.
check it out and email me to get on the schedule. >>>

i'll be back.
just you wait.

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  1. this might be my favorite set of 7 things on your blog i have ever seen.
    you got some really great shots this week. love them all.


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