Monday, October 14, 2013


1. tradition.

2. truth for the week.

3. which led me to make this new print.
(flowers found here.)

4. stepped out in boots.
it was 60 degrees for a day.

5. she's been sort of...LOUD for a week or two.
maybe more like: lots of crying. 
i'm guessing teeth.
let's just say: i was thankful for this moment of quiet.

6. she also ate dirt.
like she picked up a ball of dirt and took a bite out of it.

7. also, yesterday my sweet FIL cut more wood for my calendars.
there are limited quantities available...once these wood blocks are gone, there are no more.
the woodchuck is closed for the season.
they are selling like hotcakes. so don't miss out. 

have a happy monday!


  1. dirt. seriously I ask myself all the time: why are kids so weird.


  2. amazing boots. also, that last pic is just the best.

  3. I love your fall outfit (with the boots)! You look fabulous!

  4. So cute!! I always love your chalkboard inspiration!

  5. Haha loved your sevens. My youngest hates eating, but likes your girl she loves dirt ...ok and chalk. Adorable pumpkins!

  6. i was looking to post of your letter to miles, but no place to:) so i made my way down here....i think i need to stay caught up on your blog a little more! love it always. and i think i need your pants in the last pic....where'd you get them???


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