Tuesday, October 1, 2013

something new.

today it is october first.
and october first seemed like a great day to add these calendars to the shop.

i have never worked on anything so hard in my life.
and each month was planned and prepared down to every last detail.
and i am excited to let the world finally see. :)

each box will include 12 sheets of linen card stock with each month printed out.
and one wooden stand so that you can prop each month up on your desk, table, counter, sink, etc.
and enjoy the whimsical & fun design each month entails. 
my sweet father-in-law cut each and every wooden block especially for you.
i am so excited.

limited quantities available.
so get to shopping. ;)
it is perfect for stocking stuffers, your child's teacher's desk, your desk, a birthday present.
i hope you love them as much as i loved making them.



    You rocked this, girl.

  2. Katy,
    there are amazing!!!!
    and how cute are those tree stump holders!!!!!

  3. Katy, please hold one for your mother, I love them and will pay you!

  4. i've been saving the date for this announcement for WEEKS. :)
    i am REALLY excited about this.

  5. i cannot even stand it. i love it so much. ♥

  6. Done. Ordered. YAY! I have been waiting for this day :) Ordered one for myself and two for Christmas presents. These are so awesome!

  7. So much cute. You did such a great job on each design & the little holders are too sweet.

    Also, how cute is your mom?!

  8. Adorable! Congrats on hitting 1000 sales!!!! Pull out the confetti :o)

  9. I love these! You are so cute I can't stand it!

  10. I can't stand all the cuteness!!!! job very well done!

  11. I love, love, love these! So cute!!! So worth the hard work.


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