Tuesday, November 26, 2013

nine latelies.

i have been so MIA. i know. i know. i'm sure only my mom reads this now. hi mom! see you tomorrow!
but listen, folks. it is christmas card season. and between custom cards (only a few spots left this year!) and the christmas collaboration shop,
i am sorta spacey. so let's play catch up...

row one:
1. made an advent calendar using tags from the christmas collab shop this year! so very excited about it!

2. enjoying the autumn afternoons. (sadly, those trees have lost their beautiful leaves.)

3. sissy girl HAD to have her shoe one. just one. she wore it loud and proud.

row two:
4. last week miles asked me to spike his hair for our date. made my whole day.

5. i know she looks super sweet & innocent, but cammie jane is a little bit of sass & sneaks with that sweetness. always into something!

6. i think one of the hardest & most fulfilling things as a mom is learning along side your child. i do not have it all together. in fact, most days i fail at something. i know that miles is a three-year-old boy that is learning so much and i'm so very proud of how far he has come. some days we make mistakes. i'm so glad we pick ourselves back up and keep on going.

row three:
7. remember when i said she was always into something? this day i hear, "uh, mommy? sissy has something all over her face."

8. a new print is in the shop!!

9. their bond is something fierce. i can't get enough of it.

a few more things:

** have you gotten your christmas collaboration card yet? the shop is open until december 10th. we are excited to make your card for you! and we are excited to give back this year. a portion of every card sale goes to support the joyful life library!

** i have been taking my friend ashleyann's snapshop class. she started the class to help teach people tips on how to get a better experience out of your phone camera! i have loved the class so far...and learned so much in such a short time. and a little birdie told me that ashleyann is offering 25% off the next course until december 1! so check it out...you won't be sorry!

**mark your calendars. there is a black friday sale up in my shop.....check back here on friday or follow me on instagram (@katykristin) for more info! you don't want to miss it. i hear there's a freebie involved. ;)

i hope you have the best thanksgiving ever. thanks for sticking around!


  1. hey, i'm still reading. way to not disappoint :)

  2. IT'S ABOUT TIME! Some of us looks forward to this on a daily basis.


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