Tuesday, November 12, 2013

remember october?

i feel like time is flying by and i just cannot keep up.
between christmas cards, and calendar orders, and my children running up and down the halls,
life has just gotten so crazy! 
i am loving every second. minus the horrid stomach flu we got last week. 
i could do without that.

at the end of october we...

trained to be a superman jedi very early in the morning.

went on dates & wore these around target.

saved the world in our sleep.
thanks to grammy for the best PJ's ever.

built surfboard benches during naptime on a saturday afternoon.
scott asked if this could go in the house.

greeted daddy with big, huge hugs at the end of the day.

started learning how to ride a bike!

took baths with mohawks.

visited with aunty.
she was in heaven.

dressed up for halloween.
miles and cammie jane to the rescue!!

and the best aunty EVER made her very own firetruck.
and trick or treated in that thing like a CHAMP.

and i got to spend 4 days with one of my sweetest friends.
kim came down on a saturday and we headed down to LA for a wild trip to disneyland.
she wrote an awesome recap about it here.
we had the best visit. it was much needed. & a breath of fresh air.
and when we got home from disneyland, she stayed an extra two days.
she played with my kids, watched curious george with miles on the couch,
she was gracious when i yelled at my kids.
she loved on them all day.
we had great conversation, we drank peach wine, we watched catfish.

and we were all sad when she drove away.
it was a perfect weekend.
kim, thank you for doing real life with us.
and still loving us when it is over.
can't wait til our next adventure.

october, you were a lot of fun.
let's do it again next year.


  1. best. october. ever.

    minus that damn stomach flu.

    i'm glad i'm gonna make the book, too.

  2. We should totally put that thing in the house. it is sick!!!!
    ps - when was the last time you used the word sick???

  3. My son would die for that bench. Tell Scott that he uses the word sick daily, it's still a thing when your in jr. high. In fact I just showed him this picture and he said "Dude that's SICK!" :)

  4. wait. that bench is incredible!

  5. looks like october was a good one! l

  6. my husband also uses "sick" to describe things.^^ so the other day ashlynn asked, "can we take dad's sick truck?" awesome.
    and also, catober is truly the best month ever. you totally did it justice.


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