Friday, December 13, 2013

sixteen snapshots on the thirteenth.

1. selfies in our PJ's.
2. the most mature pair of sisters you'll ever find.
3. one little girl is obsessed with her aunty.
(no really. at 7:02am this morning she said "call aunty.")
4. kissing by the christmas tree.
5. he takes after me.
6. those cookies were DANG good.
(and now i'm on a sweets restriction.)
7. i like winter clothes best.
8. i feel like she enjoys making messes.
9. i have dreams that someday they will know how to really play that piano.
10. over 100 orders were placed over thanksgiving weekend.
thank you from the bottom of my soul.
11. selfies in our PJ's again. 
12. his grace is enough. ENOUGH.
13. made my grandma's fudge. 
i miss her most at christmas time.
14. my kids loved santa.
15. hands most favorite picture of them all year.
16. i love him. so very, very  much.