Monday, January 6, 2014

a break was good for me.

a break was just what i needed to fill the shop with new pretties to ring in the new year.

something i learned a lot about in 2013.

from the song by hillsong "oceans"
available in 3 different colors.

also from the song by hillsong "oceans."
also available in 3 different colors.

great words for the new year!

lyric from the hillsong song "lord of lords."

let's live this life to the FULL for his glory.

i love this lyric from "somewhere over the rainbow"!
a good reminder to turn those sour days into sweet ones.

(i love this one!)

so to kick off the new year and the reopening of my shop,
let's have a sale!!

from monday, january 6th until wednesday january 8, 

once again,
thank you for supporting my shop. 
i have big goals and dreams for 2014 and i could not do it without your support.
my entire family appreciates you. so thank you. happy shopping.


  1. all these prints are so great....some of my favorite you've're pure talent:)

  2. I just went and listened to that Ocean's song again for the 100th time, and I still love it!
    That last line, "I am yours and you are mine"---I am claiming Him as the best Valentine ever.
    Your work is a beautiful reminder of how much He means to me.

  3. just put in my order!! love your work! thank you.


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