Sunday, January 19, 2014

twenty things to remember. part one.

let's be honest.
this blog has seen better days.
it puts a little pain in my heart.
this blog has been the receiver of countless memories & lessons & pictures & mistakes for the last 5 years.
and while having two kids and a shop and a husband and a home keeps me from writing like i used to,
i don't want to give it up.
this is where my memories are stored. where i write it all down.
where the pictures that i don't ever want to lose (no matter how cell phoney they are!) get saved.
and every year, scott puts it all into a book for me.

so regardless if some of these pictures are 2 months old,
or regardless if only 2 people read this post (or any post!),
regardless if i have spelling errors or incorrect grammar,
or if no one leaves a comment...
i'm gonna blog. for me. for my family. for my kids.

so let's take a trip down memory lane for the next two posts and remember 20 things that i don't want to forget......

there's a new treehouse at my in laws' house!
miles is in heaven.

you will never be able to stop me from pulling over and taking a sunset picture.
sunsets are good for my soul.

i took my own wall's advice.
glad i did.

this boy was very happy about his blazer.
buttoned it all on his own.

my favorite.

all things bright. all things calm.
[i need this picture on a canvas.]

scooter was so sweet.
broke into my pinterest DIY board and made this sign for me for Christmas.
i love it so much.

walked out of my room to them reading like this.
i want to remember moments like that forever.

my father-in-law.
raised two boys.
and then two grandsons.
and then cammie jane was born.
and i think he is quite smitten with her, if i do say so myself.

just catching air on a saturday afternoon.

10 more memories coming up tomorrow......


  1. Such a good reminder on keeping the blog going!! Thank you. I am a full year behind and my goal is to be caught up by the end of next month. Even if only 2 people read it..because as you said I don't want to forget.

  2. That picture with the candle - a canvas is certainly in order ;)

  3. Beautiful memories, Katy. I thought of you all week last week as we moved into a new home and I was using those disinfectant wipes like a boss! HA! I am glad you are going to keep your blog. I love watching your family grow. Happy New Year, friend.

  4. I spy a faint rainbow in that last photo. Love these memories. Keep em comin...

  5. That picture of Cammie and her grandpa. So precious. Love you. So happy you are gonna keep blogging. Yours is a favorite of mine.

  6. I like your paci ring in #4. And yes, that candle pic as a canvas, pronto.

  7. Why do you try to tell me you're not fashionable and then you take a smokin' pic of yourself in a sweater with STUDS ON THE SHOULDERS?????

  8. sunsets are good for my soul too.
    i think this is why we are such good friends.

  9. life is beautiful. thanks for sharing yours with us!

  10. i feel like I left a comment....but I'm losing my mind so maybe not....or maybe you didn't want to post it cause I said something ridiculous. anyway...I'm leaving a comment now...that you might also not want to post:)

  11. thanks for sharing. and the reasons why you blog are as perfect as all your photos. yours is now one of my new favs!


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