Monday, January 20, 2014

twenty things to remember. part two.

my neighbor watches camden once a week for an hour so that miles and i can go out on a date.
and sometimes those dates are really good and sometimes those dates are hard.
(i mean, what 3.5 year old loves being told no to a cookie all the time?!)
anyway. i am really grateful for these dates.
i feel like it gives me a quiet peek into what's really going on in miles' head.
it's not like it is deep conversation.
we're mostly talking about lightning mcqueen.
but there's no one else there. it's just me and him.
and i have started to make him hold my hand.
and he has started interlocking fingers with me.

we have had a case of the sickies around here.
also known as: me taking every advantage i can to cuddle my kids.

we've also had a case of the debbie downers.
too many hard days in a row around here.
there have been deaths, there has been disobedience, there have been hurt feelings.
there has been a lack of dependence on the Lord.
it feels like a LOT of losing and not a lot of winning.
i saw this quote a long time ago and it has stuck with me.
because we don't just praise him when everything is amazing.
we praise him when it is HARD. especially when it is hard.

[flowers found here and coffee cozy found here.]

my sister came to visit.
she prides herself on what she teaches my kids.
this visit, she taught them how to do the worm on the floor.
she also might be mad at me for this, but she asked me to take a video.
just to see if "she still had it."
miles is still trying to do the worm.

saw this quote a few weeks ago.
loved it.
because i can name off several grudges i have held.
ones that i've "forgiven."
but ones that i keep bringing up.
"oh she goes down in history as the person that's hurt me the most, but i mean, i forgive her and stuff."
ya, super Godly.
then i saw this quote, and it basically slapped me in the face one day.
and i decided something right there.
enough holding on to things of the matter how deep or how hurtful.
no matter if the other person doesn't get it or has never apologized.
time to forgive. time to move on. time to quit bringing it up.
[quote was by beth moore.]

this girl.
she gets herself in TROUBLE.
i walked in on her climbing out of her crib.
this was her response. 

grammy bought her a kitchen for christmas!
she's cooking me plastic donuts all day longggggggg.

just another sunset with my boy.


just watching a little tinkerbell on a cold sunday morning.


  1. I love this peek into your days. Miss you.

  2. I love that you do dates with Miles. That makes my heart smile. And grudges?! I SO relate. My short term memory is getting worse and I like to tell brian it is because I have praying to not be a grudgy girl :)

  3. i am now craving a plastic donut like nobodies business.

    also send me a video of miles doing the worm. and kristy too.

  4. I love your posts and always feel so inspired to go and love on my family. I sometimes feel I am the only one feeling sad or what not and then I come and read your posts...Thank You!

  5. From a Grammy that l-o-v-e-s her grandbabies more than words can describe, and doesn't get to live in the same city, this blog helps me feel like I'm almost there. Thank you for reviving it, please don't stop again, it's an incredible blessing to me. I love every bit of it. Thanks babe.

  6. I love your posts...makes me smile :)

  7. Oh Katy...I have LOVED these two posts. Your words are meaningful and the pictures are beautiful! My favorite - Camden sneaking out of her crib. Could you have gotten a better picture?! No way! That is awesome. I love that you do "dates" with Miles. I am a mother of one. An 8 year old boy. And we've been so close for so long because the days were just the two of us. Then he went to school and things changed a little. And gosh, I look back at pics of him at 3, 4, and even 5 and think what wonderful years those were and how I would love to go back there. But then I look at him now and think, what a wonderful little man he is turning out to be! And although he and I do not get to spend as much time together, we still have a special bond that, yes, has a changed a little and will continue to with each season of his growing life, but we still have a wonderful connection and I hope I we always will. Isn't it amazing what their love can do to our hearts? Thank you for blogging and thank you for sharing a little bit of your every day with us :)

  8. Cammie is so blonde! Did we discuss this at lunch? i feel like we did. And that is the most perfect sneaking out of the crib picture ever taken. I love her hand over her face. Mischief ! ;)


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