Tuesday, February 4, 2014

dear january.

dear 49ers,
you broke my heart.

dear martin luther king, jr.
you were a hero.

dear cold flu,
leave and never come back.

dear blurry black & white selfies,
thank you for capturing little bursts of love from my kids.

dear miles,
please don't use my mascara again.
i am ashamed that you knew where to put it.

dear camden jane,
if you're gonna break the rules and stand on the chair,
at least do the dishes for me.

dear january,
you came in all hopeful and sunshiny.
leaving me excited for a new year and change.
and then it was like you got mad or something.
and one metaphorical storm after another kept pouring on in.
but i am not bitter or angry at you anymore.
in fact, i have let bygones be bygones and i can actually look back fondly,
 now that february has gently taken over.
you see, in the midst of each and every storm that passed through,
i learned something.
sometimes they were easy lessons like not to leave my makeup back within arm's reach.
and sometimes they were some of the hardest parenting lessons i've learned.
like how important it is to make sure you are molding your child's heart instead of damaging it.

there were a lot of days that i wish i could do over.
basically 31 of them.
the good news is that we started over.
we got our perspective straight and we learned new things.
and thanks to Jesus, we had fresh days and new mercies.
and i am bound and determined to make february better.
don't let me down, february.

dear january,
since my bitterness towards you is gone now,
i will say thank you.
you rocked my world, 
but you also changed it.
and i hope i can move on and be a different mother, wife, & friend because of you.
so long for now.


  1. so funny about the mascara...lol! I like how you think about the chair and the dishes...my youngest climbs on EVERYTHING!!


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