Thursday, February 6, 2014

february sixth.

something that i remember about my grandma is how she always offered me a diet sprite 
from the back fridge every time i went to her house.
i think about that a lot.

i miss her all the time.


  1. Me too, those were Grampa's sprites.

  2. that globe print is beautiful!

  3. LOVE your desk + shelves. but i love your sweet and gentle spirit even MORE. thank you for sharing here! praying for you today! xoxo.

  4. I'm obsessed with your home and this post and the sweet little story at the end.
    You are so dear.

  5. That is such a cute little desk area. Adorable

  6. I just read your last two post, they both spoke to my heart big. I feel like I've been going through life's motions for the last 6 months I think it high time to rip off the band aid.

    Just tonight my mom, Tia, and I were talking about how much my grandma loves Pepsi. When I would go to my grandmas for a visit she would walk to the corner store and buy us one to share. Her health is declining fast and I just know it's these little thing I will think about all the time, I already do.

    Hugs Katygirl!


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