Thursday, March 27, 2014

be crafty arizona - part one - swag, yo!

you guys.
i just had the time of my life in arizona this last weekend.
last november, amanda asked me to be on the team for the arizona workshop!
i was excited, nervous, and the anticipation was high.
plus, anyone that knows me knows that i like computer design programs and crafts that can be done using a hot glue gun.
so. i'm not quite sure if amanda regrets the decision to ask me, but it was fun nonetheless.

one of the most anticipated parts of the event was the swag.
for those of you that don't know what swag means, it means:
Super Wonderful Amazing Goodness.
okay. i made that up. but it should be that.
anyway, today i am going to introduce you to all the swag and you can be a little jealous for a moment.
and then you can go visit the shops and get yourself your own.

we were so honored that hello apparel sent the team these awesome shirts to wear during the workshop!
and the event had some awesome sposors as well.
by sponsoring us, barberry and lace, cupcake mag, & junk in the trunk allowed this event to be top notch,
 in my opinion.

and then we have the actual items. prepare your minds to be blown.

i mean, first of all, how amazing are these bags?!
heather painted them and shop sweet lulu sent us the honeycombs and cole made us the flower nametags!

use code : becrafty for 25% off (tiny prints)
IG : @tinyprints and @lesleyzellers

2. card by lori danelle
IG : @loriedanelle

3. it is well print by fancy that design house
use code : becraftyaz for 10% off until april 30
IG: @fancythatdesign

4. mini cards by pen and paint
IG: @pen_and_paint

5. my mom snaps book 
IG : @prettygirldesigns

6. my favorite pom flowers of all time by stephlovesben
IG: @stephlovesben

7. print by prettygirldesigns
IG : @prettygirldesigns

8. card by songs kate sang
IG : @songskatesang

9. adventure print by katygirl designs (oh hey!)
use code : becraftyaz for 20% off until april 30
IG : @katykristin

10. cutest happy flags ever by my girl natalie creates
IG : @nataliecreates

11. gem earrings by archetype collection
IG : @stefanie_morgan

12. felt circles by benzie
IG : @benziedesign

13. little bag full of goodness by inspire lovely
IG : @inspirelovely

14. cutest gold glitter earrings by barberry and lace
IG : @barberry_and_lace

15. favorite washi tape! by willow washi
IG: @willowwashi

16. coupon from printic

17. towel by 618love
IG: @618love

18. notecards by givewithjoy
IG: @anetanina 

also! for all you arizona ladies. 
butterfly petals  donated these amazing floral pieces for our event!
they were amazing. so if you are local and need flowers for an event, butterfly petals is awesome!!
their IG is @butterflypetals.

thank you to all these shops for sending such amazing swag our way.
i have already been having a blast filling my new shelves with delightful new items.

i will be back to talk more about the event and share beautiful photos from our photographer, lauren!


  1. i think you are swaggy too.
    *saved with amazing grace.

  2. One day I will be there in person! Thanks for highlighting my shop, Katy!

  3. one day I will go to one! thanks for highlighting my shop! XOXO

  4. look at all that {{LOVELINESS}}!!!
    attending a "Be Crafty" event is on my wish list.


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