Monday, March 17, 2014

so that i don't forget.

there are a lot of times during the day that i have to remind them to share.
to not hit, to not push, to not hurt each other's feelings.
there are a lot of times where it gets repetitive and exhausting.

and then there are times like two nights ago.
when we finished our family devotions and were saying our goodnights.
and he said, "goodnight sissygirl. i'll miss you til we wake up."
and then she blew him kisses all the way to her room.

don't wanna forget it.
i hope he always has a tender heart.
i hope she always has an affectionate spirit.
i hope they always stay this close.


  1. They will stay close!! My brother and I are 2 years apart....and yes we did fight as kids and even as teens...BUT WE HAVE ALWAYS REMAINED CLOSE...BEST FRIENDS!! I now live half way around the world and miss my brother very much. He and his wife just traveled here to Budapest last week to visit....he still gives me the best brother hugs ever! I think NOTHING can get between sibling love and friendship!!

    LOVE THESE SWEET PICTURES of your littles! Great memories!! They will cherish them also when they are older!


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