Sunday, April 20, 2014

camden jane is two!

dear cammie jane,
you are TWO!
you are beautiful with your big blue eyes and your curly blonde hair.
you are strong and adventurous and brave.
you are sweet and shy and sassy all at once.
you are loving and kind and caring towards others.
you are sensitive. 

you love your big brother to the max.
he is the first name you call out for when you wake up in the morning.
he is the last person you blow kisses to when you go to sleep at night.
and you may steal his toys and run and hide from him,
but because you are so compassionate, you hand it right back when you're asked to.
and then you will share your toy before he asks in return.
i tell you both every day that you are each other's best friend.

you are also determined.
and a little sneaky.
and very different than your older brother.
and i am learning to navigate through your blossoming personality.
you certainly keep me on my toes.

you love princesses. and fairy tales.
dresses. and high heels.
you love to get your hair done.
you love dirt and tractors and playing outside.

and my prayers and hopes and dreams are that you love Jesus more than anything else.
and that you learn that it is the BEST to be yourself.
i am dreaming big for you, littles.
happy second birthday, camden jane.
we all love you.


  1. happy happy birthday to your sweet girl :)

  2. So precious. Love these photos! Happy Birthday Cammie Jane! xoxoxo

  3. HBD Miss Cam. Big hugs from up north. :)


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