Thursday, April 3, 2014

finding beauty in every day. part two.

i still have more to blog about from my trip to arizona.
such as: kim and i drove 16 hours in two days.
we did not turn on the radio once.
i think i got sleepy for 20 minutes.
and we had real, great conversations.
here are a few phone pics that i snapped real quick.

a blooper with cole (you can find her on instagram: @colefranke) :: my good friend heather :: my good friend heather's amazing and inspirational home :: finally got to meet my dear friend lesley.

**my little guy. or big guy.
he's turning into such a brave and fun and neat little guy.
i am so proud of who he is becoming.

**we took a day trip to the coast.
i'll let you guess who was happy and who was angry in this pic.

**i always put their snacks down in the seats across from each other.
they always end up right next to each other.

**two years ago, one of my closest friends Sarah Jane gave birth to a baby girl named Charley Jane.
exactly three weeks later (almost to the minute!), i gave birth to Cammie Jane.
i think about the two of them a lot and how i hope someday, they are as close as their mama and me.
clearly by their smiles in the above picture, they are on the right track.

swinging sissy in the sunshine :: holding hands on an evening walk :: reading with the twinke lights :: turning 2 in 2.5 weeks. can't even handle it.

soaking up every minute of the springtime air.


  1. Beautiful pictures, looks like you've had the best of times!

  2. So love all of these!! I really hope my little boy and almost here girl will love each other that much :-)


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