Tuesday, April 1, 2014

one magical sunset.

there's this place here in town.
this dirt road.
it is in between a field of weeds and a field of crops.
it is rarely walked on, even less driven on.
but it has the most magical sunsets.

there are a lot of days that we finish dinner and i say to scott,
"let's go watch the sunset."
and we pack everyone in the car and we go sit at the end of the road and watch the sun go down.
i get lost in it sometimes.
the noises and whines in the back seat become silent and it is just me alone with my thoughts.
most of the time, i get lost in how gigantic our God is and how small i am in comparison.
and how i just never need to worry.
he's got it all figured out already.

but this one particular night, the sunset was far too beautiful to watch from the front seat behind a windshield.
so i grabbed miles. and scott grabbed his phone.
and this magical moment happened.
and if i have to be honest, i remember this day a few weeks back.
lots of tears were shed that day for a hurting friend.
and for a few minutes, my heart stopped aching and instead filled with wonder and love for the Lord.
and all that he's given me. all that he's done in my life.

miles said, "it looks like the sky is on fire, mommy!"
and i remember thinking, "it looks like new promises to me."

we shared some hugs, some giggles, and even some sweet kisses.
then we got in the car and we drove away.
he probably won't remember those minutes.
but i will. i loved them. 


  1. Those are incredible! The one of you guys holding hands gave me goosebumps! It's so sweet!

  2. i love that you have this beautiful space to go.
    and that you captured these beautiful moments.

    i hope you get a million more just like it.


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