Monday, April 7, 2014

the training wheels are goners.

last friday, march 28 to be exact, the kids and i were playing outside.
miles was scooting around on this new type of bike thing.
it is basically a bike without pedals and it teaches little kids to balance correctly on a bike so that when you take their training wheels off, it is easier for them.
he turned to me and said, "mommy. i think i want to take my training wheels off today."
i said, "YAY! okay! well, daddy is on his way home for lunch and we will see what he says."

when scott got home, i told him the news and we both sort of looked at each other like,
"yeah. okay. well, we will let him try."
what harm is there in trying, you know?
so scott took the wheels off and we got him all situated in our cul de sac, and gave him a little push.
and off he went. didn't fall. didn't shake. didn't think twice.
he just rode right off like he had been doing it for his entire life.

i'm not quite sure i've had a moment like that as a mom.
in fact, it has taken me over a week to blog about it.
i'm partly ecstatic for him, thrilled beyond measure. and partly sad.
where did my little toddler go?

as he took off on that bike without the training wheels, he was so trusting, so brave.
and i was SO PROUD of him. i couldn't stop smiling at him! so much pride and joy for him.
i couldn't believe that my little-almost-four-year-old just rode his bike for the first time.

a few days ago, we went on our evening family bike ride and miles got to ride his own bike around our neighborhood.
scott and i both looked at each other and just had huge smiles because we couldn't believe our little guy was so big and such an individual. he took on such a large milestone with no worries or cares.
i'm just so proud of him.