Monday, April 14, 2014

weekend sevens.

after a long hiatus, weekend sevens are back from outer space.
some pics are grainy, some have horrid lighting. and i really want to use my big camera more.
but....i want these memories for the books!

1. you are probably wondering what is going on in this pic.
well, let me tell you.
on the left, you have my husband doing a headstand in perfect formation.
in the middle, you have my sister doing a headstand splits.
on the right, you have my mother doing her own headstand version.
my mother. as in, almost 60 and can still rock a half headstand.

2. my mom & sister's favorite part about visiting is having my kids sneak into their room in the morning.

3. coolest moment of his little life.

4. back at the park on saturday night, my sister decided it was her turn to get spun around.
i just don't know, you guys.

5. so thankful for them.
don't know what i would do without them.

6. ended the weekend by teaching miles some new bike tricks.

7. and started the week with some truths.

happy Easter week!