Wednesday, May 7, 2014

oh, camden.

let me tell you something about that sweet little face you see in that mirror.
she is trouble. she looks so sweet & innocent. but that is all an act.
she is not supposed to be up on that counter. 
and anytime i don't hear her, i have to run to make sure she is not writing on my walls or squeezing toothpaste on the floor.
this particular moment, i ran down the hall looking and she was chatting with the woman in the mirror.
so cute!! so not supposed to be up on that counter.

same here.
what does she think she's doing up on her dresser like that?
how does she even get up there? she's barely 20 pounds!

a few weeks ago, she climbed back up on the bathroom counter.
she opened up the medicine cabinet and reached up to the highest shelf.
she got the mickey mouse gummy vitamins down.
she figured out the child proof cap.
she ate half the bottle.
i had to call poison control.
they laughed at me and said it happens all the time.
we put the mickey vitamins even higher up.

a few days ago, i said, "sissygirl, what's your name?"
and she said, "uhhhhhhh, ariel!!! ah ah ahhhhhhhhhh."

she's gonna give me a run for my money, i just know it.


  1. I loved this post! Such awesome memories you are recording for yourself and your children to look back on. I wish I had kept a journal when my son was a baby/toddler. At the moment these things happen you feel like you will never forget them, but time steals those memories. Not all but a lot of these good ones you're recording right now. She is the cutest thing, and it looks like she keeps you on your toes! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Barely 20 pounds???!! Holland will weigh more after dinner. My arm is about to fall off. Help. Also, I miss her.

  3. Climbers are leaders. At least that's what I learned in all the 900 child development classes I had to take. So be glad she trouble now, when she's a big girl people won't be able to sway her. ;)

    p.s. I'm commenting from my phone if I commented twice I appologize. 😘

  4. The princess dress with the Vans - ahhhh! So stinking cute!

  5. i {love} the "fabric name thingy" above your blue frame in the 2nd photo...
    did you make it?!


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