Sunday, August 17, 2014

dear miles.

dear miles,
tomorrow, you start your first day of preschool.
i have a lot of thoughts about it, but mainly i am really excited for you.
i think you are so ready. you are so social, you love to play, you love to laugh.
you will do great. you will thrive.

i have been nervous.
nervous because you are my best little guy. i will miss you.
nervous because i want you to obey your teacher.
all day today i worried about such little stuff like, "what if he gets hungry before snack time?"
but ultimately i know you're gonna be great.

then tonight, i had this thought.
"what if kids are mean to him?"
i started praying about it for you.
that people would love you - i know they will.
and then i started worrying that you will be mean to other kids.
you are the sweetest little boy, so i am sure that won't happen.
but we all have our moments.
and so instead of praying that people will love you,
i started praying that you will love others.

listen miles, you're only 4. 
but you're gonna learn real quick that there are sometimes kids that people don't like.
maybe they dress funny. maybe they smell bad. maybe they bug people.
and you have a choice. 
you can either be like everyone else and run from them on the playground.
try to get a seat far away from them. pretend they don't sit at your table.

or you can walk towards them. you can ask them if they want to sit by you at snack time.
you can share your playdoh with them. you can play with them at recess.
and better yet, you can call them your friend.
you will have this choice your whole life. 
i didn't always make the right choice.
it is hard when it goes against the popular thing to do.
but i think that if you learn right now to love people and invite them in,
[even when no one else is]
you will experience a lot of love in return.
and miles, you have such a big heart with such a bright light in it.
i know you will shine that light for others. and for Jesus.

this is my prayer for you.
tomorrow is a big day for you.
the start of a big adventure!
i'm so excited for you.
i love you to the moon,