Monday, August 11, 2014

hey there.

[collage from top to bottom]

-yogurt date with my boy.
-camden decided she would not leave the house unless she was wearing her brother's light-up lightning mcqueen shoes.
-a happy sunset.
-girlfriend's gotta do what she's gotta do.
-my faves.
-we live at the pool. my favorite time is dusk.
-slip n slides are different when you are 33. 
-giving my girl a manicure.
-i love my little guy to the moon. and back.

this summer has been interesting.
a lot of really hard days.
a lot of learning days.
a lot of sweet days.
and i guess this space was quiet because i can only take on so much.
when it comes to each day, my family is my highest priority.
and then my work. what started as a little tiny business has now become something we depend on.
and after that, there's not a lot of time.
so the memories have gone undocumented.

but...there will be a day that i forget the sweet memories that stick out in my mind so fresh right now.
so on the days that are a little less full, i hope to get these memories down on paper. 
and while this summer has not always been what i thought it would be,
i know there is always, always growth involved. 

here's to a new week.