Tuesday, August 26, 2014

ten things.

10. sometimes i hear her say to her bubba,
"dance with me bubba."
and then he grabs her hands and swings her around.
and once in a lifetime, i am lucky to snap a pic.

9. they are always holding hands.
when she's scared, when he protects.
when they feel safe with each other.

8. new print in the shop.

7. speaking of new print, been working a ton the last few weeks.
finishing up old projects, starting on new ones.
and putting the final details on my 2015 calendars.

6. and speaking of the calendars,
they will be in the shop on october 1.

5. scotty painted my piano white.
i have asked for years.
and i'm beyond grateful, excited, ecstatic. 
miss lorieloo is taking family pics in a month and i'm so excited to redo that photo wall.
i've got plans, y'all.

4. miles started preschool.
it is good for him. it is good for me.
but i sure do miss my guy for those 3 hours.

3. speaking of missing miles,
cammie jane asks for him the minute he leaves.
we are learning to enjoy our alone time together.
i think we will get used to it soon.

2. on the 2nd day of school, miles came home with a nasty cold that knocked everyone off their feet.
except for me. yippee.

1. and finally, this child.
she keeps me on my toes more than i ever imagined she would.
she came into this world so quiet, calm, and compliant.
boy have things changed. ;)


  1. Happy Birthday to me. Your calendar is my FAVORITE. So are your kids. And school. It's good for me, too.

  2. I'm so glad you were able to catch that dance! It's adorable!!

  3. This is so sweet. Thanks for sharing those sweet moments with us. I'm getting ready to send my youngest to kindergarten and his sister to 3-year-old class, so I have to learn how to function for a few hours alone each week. What will I do? :)

  4. Such a nice post, Katie. Loving that darling picture of them dancing. Looking forward to all of your fun new stuff for fall!

  5. hi. i just saw this in my reader.
    i mean. these are 10 amazing things.
    your kids are too cute. i would like to squeeze them, let's say in october sometime?


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