Tuesday, October 21, 2014

disney days.

the summer break is over and we're back at it, baby.
you thought i meant the world series. 
you know, giants winning on the even years and all.
but not quite yet...
i just meant we've been enjoying a few trips to disneyland!

this was on the tea cups.
i took this cute picture and then scott's said my face turned from excited to....green.
i think this might have been my last tea cup ride for awhile.
seems like cammie agrees.

but she DID get to ride her first roller coaster.
the toon town roller coaster, if you will.
she loved it, asked to ride it over & over.
a girl after my own heart.

we got to go down with my mom & sis.
it was a blast! i wish i had a pic of my sister on tower of terror.
i've never seen or heard anything like it!
i was worried she was gonna wet her pants all over both of us. 

and i just got back from going on the annual "disney day with kim."
the above picture is what i like to call:
"my eyes were squinty and i was trying to keep them open."
it is beautiful, isn't it?
the good news is that my scarf is beautiful, and you can find it here.

it may seem like i caught rad air on this pic.
it is an optical illusion.
my right foot is almost touching the ground.
it is hard to jump high when you can't run.

i have also decided another option for titles of this post could be,
"katy's many faces."
exhibit A: my face on thunder mountain.

and! i was just enjoying a nice mickey mouse pretzel when all of the sudden,
i saw Clare from The Bachelor walk by!
now, on the show, she was sort of stage 5 clinger-ish, 
BUT! in real life, her face is flawless and she was super sweet.
she even complimented me on my sweatshirt.

we will be back for 4 days in a few weeks.
i can't wait.
you'll have snowflakes and icicles in 80 degree weather.
my heart will melt right along with them.
see you and your twinkle lights then.

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