Friday, October 31, 2014

orange october.

things got a little intense this october.
once the giants won the wildcard game,
the anxiety took over. it became all us Bay Areans (or native, if you will) could talk about.
scott knew that if a game was on, my mood would change drastically with each inning.
i also learned not to shout things at the TV in front of my children.

also, side note. scotty is SUCH a fairweather fan. i do not allow such things in this home.
he was a dodgers fan all season and then oh! giants are in the playoffs! what do you know!
fake. unacceptable. they know his heart.
mother-in-law: i know you're reading this.
don't let him fool you. stick with me.

this is when the giants got their place in the world series.
the 3rd world series in 5 years.
i jumped off the bed.
scott took a blurry pic of it.

we're all about san fran around here.

an hour before the world series was over, we had a dinner to go to for a friend's birthday.
cuppakim was texting me every time we got an out. so was sarah jane.
when it was down to one out left, i excused myself from the table and went to the bar area.
all i heard in there was,
"i HATE the giants."
"the giants suck."
"let someone else win."
clearly you can see by the men looking at me that i was the minority.
haters gonna hate. shake it off.

and...giants WIN! 
3rd world series in 5 years.
2010. 2012. 2014.
amazing. doesn't get better.

on the morning after, i took miles on a date.
i told him, "listen buddy, giants gear might not be popular where we live.
but we are gonna wear it loud and proud today.
it is our day to be proud."
and we got high 5's at target.
and one worker gave miles a candy for being a fan.
and us giants fans are still on cloud nine.

dear giants,
see you in 2016.
i'll give you 2015 off just for kicks and giggles.


  1. As a Kansas native, I do not support this post. But, congrats and what a fun series to watch! GO ROYALS! :)

  2. oh my gosh you are so cute. i love how much you love it!


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